Staff Picks: Commercial and Financial Chronicle

The Commercial and Financial Chronicle, now available in FRASER, is an excellent source of contemporaneous economic and business information for the years 1870 to 1935. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

Staff Picks: The New York Fed Circulars

The New York circulars show more than 80 years of the day-to-day business of the Fed. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

FRASER Features: Primary Sources Primer: Letters

Examine FRASER’s letter collections and see what information you can glean from letters as primary source documents. Read more

Category: FRASER Features

History Rhymes: BLS Unemployment Statistics

A quick review of how the BLS defines and tracks unemployment and how it has changed over time. Read more

Category: History Rhymes

FRASER Features: Library Glossary

Find out what FRASER librarians mean when the terms “metadata”, “series,” and “theme” are used. Read more

Category: FRASER Features

Staff Picks: 1979 BLS “Exploring Careers” Workbooks

Learn more about the evolution of the working world in the 1979 Bureau of Labor Statistics workbook series “Exploring Careers.” Read more

Category: Staff Picks

Staff Picks: Bulletins of the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Bulletins are a FRASER staff pick. With over 2,000 bulletins on labor, the workforce, and working conditions, BLS Bulletins are a valuable research asset. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

FRASER Features: The Employment Situation Report and Data Revisions

Data are rarely “one and done”; many data series are revised. Capturing the initial information—plus all the revisions—is important. Use FRASER to see the initial data release. Read more

Category: FRASER Features

Staff Picks: Budget of the United States Government

Learn about the documents – ranging from simple guides to detailed tables – in the federal government’s annual Budget. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

Help Wanted: Missing Items

Please help FRASER provide complete collections of digitized documents by donating items we are missing. Read more

Category: Help Wanted
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